Winter Courses 2015


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Winter Courses 2016

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Some of the best mountaineering venues and challenges in Britain are found in the North West of Scotland. If you are seeking wilderness  and remote corries and mountains, then you just have to travel north of the Great Glen in winter.
This is not to say that ice climbing on the Ben or in the Northern Corries of Cairngorm do not offer superb winter days, its just that sometimes you might have to share the experience with  a few other people.
We offer a number of courses during the winter months of December through to April.

Winter Munros

Takes you into some magnificent winter mountain scenery - the hills of Torridon, the Fannichs and the Coulin Forest above Strathcarron. It is not uncommon to spend the whole week without meeting another party in the winter hills. Client/Guide ratio of 5:1

Winter Mountaineering

An introduction to moving along the winter ridges of Liathach, Ben Eighe, and An Teallach, to name a few.  This course introduces you to, or refreshes skills in, the ropework and techniques required to gain access safely to the remote ridges and gullies of up to Grade II on the mountains of Wester Ross. Client/Guide ratio of 2:1

The Cuillin Ridge

On top of the Inn. Pinn.

Snow & Ice Climber

With a Client/Guide ratio of 2:1, this course is concerned with winter climbing up to Grade III. You need not have had previous experience in winter or summer climbing. The course is designed to introduce clients to winter climbing in remote situations. As with all winter courses, the first day is spent learning or refreshing winter skills in ice-axe arrest, step      
cutting, movement with crampons, rope-work & avalanche assessment.


Advanced Winter Ice

Routes up to Grade V or Grade IV mixed.
A client/guide ratio of 2:1. This course is very dependant on good cold conditions, and we need to be prepared to travel to the east to Cairngorm, to the 'Ben, or to the Fannichs if conditions are poor in the N. West. You need to have had some experience in summer rock up to VD, or winter snow/ice up to G2.

Gardyloo Gully

Our 'Kitlist' page for suggestions of what to wear & carry for a Winter course