Photos 2011


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Photos 2011

John and Declan on the Alphubel at 8am. We left the Tasch hut at 3.30am, and enjoyed perfect weather. It tured out to be the last day of the Autumn good weather spell. The next day a cold front brought snow and wind.

6th October, 8am. John and Declan on the summit of the
Alphubel. In the background the Matterhorn and in the
far distance Mont Blanc.

4th October, 8am. Left - John arriving at the summit of the Weissmies.
Right - Declan and John on the summit of the Weissmies, 4017m.

24th September, Gabriella on the Mittaghorn Via Ferrata.
The Taschhorn, Dom, Lenzspitz and Nadelhorn behind.

13th September, 11am. Barry Speed on the summit of the Matterhorn.

Tuesday 23rd August. Left - Ben & Andy Townsend, Nadelgrat. Right - Steve
descending from the Lenzspitze.

2nd September, Helen & Joss, Hohlaubgrat.

Thursday 25th August, Andy, Ben and Steve on
the Biancograt.

Mark Flower on the Swiss summit of the Matterhorn at 8pm. The sun is just setting. We descended to the Solvay hut for a rest, then to the Hornli hut by 1.30am. A clear and moonlit night, we had the mountain to ourselves.

Thursday 11th August, 8pm. Mark Flower at the summit of the Matterhorn
as the sun sets. The Hornli Hut was packed, so we kept going!

Tont reaching the top of the Innacessible Pinnacle (Inn. Pinn.) on the Cuillin Ridge. The drops either side are large. We had started this first day of a two day Traverse at 05.30 from Glen Brittle beach. Our bivvy kit was stashed just down on the col before Banachdich.

Sat 4th June, On top of the Inn. Pinn. Cuillin Ridge

Jon & Tim putting on snowshoes before an ascent of the Alphubel in the Valais Alps, Switzerland. Snowshoes were essential to make progress in fairly deep Spring snow.

Friday 10th June, Jon & Tim putting on snowshoes for an
ascent of the Alphubel.

Jon high up on the Alphubel, a magnificent morning, this picture was taken at about 07.50. The Matterhorn in the background.

High on the Alphubel

Jon & Tim at the Madonna on the Gran Paradiso.

Mon 13th June, Jon & Tim on the summit of the Gran Paradiso.

July 8th, Sam & Nick on the Dri Horlini

1st July 6am, Lee & David on the summit of Mont Blanc,

30th June 9pm, Lee & David on the way up to the Vallot hut, the Bionnassay
in the background.

14th July, On the summit of the Allalinhorn, John Lyons School.

6th July, Nick on the summit of the Matterhorn, 10am

27th July, Dafydd and Peter on the Zermatt Via Ferrata

29th July, Dafydd and Peter descending on the Monch

29th July, Dafydd and Peter on the summit ridge of the Monch